Level Best Books and Regina


November 12, 2010 by J.A. Hennrikus/Julianne Holmes

This weekend I am going to Crime Bake. During the weekend I will be on a signing panel for THIN ICE, the new anthology by Level Best Books. “Tag, You’re Dead” is the first story I’ve ever had published. Here’s the blog post that featured me as an author. I am thrilled to be part of this collection. For a lot of reasons.

I missed the first Crime Bake, but have been to every one since. My friend Regina went with me that first year, 2003, the year  Level Best Books first anthology was released. Regina bought it, and walked around asking everyone to sign their stories.

“Wouldn’t it be cool to be in it some year?” she asked me.

Maybe next year I said.

But next year Regina wasn’t able to make it to Crime Bake. She had been diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer in May, and was in the hospital.  The next year she was gone.

Regina was a force. I didn’t know her long (we’d met in a mystery writing class),  but I do think of her every year around Crime Bake.  This year another friend of ours is also in THIN ICE. When I sent Mary a congratulatory email, she wrote back.

“Wouldn’t Regina be proud?” she said.

Regina would be very proud. As am I.

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3 thoughts on “Level Best Books and Regina

  1. Ruth Polleys says:

    Oh, Julie. I have chills from reading this. Regina is proud. And so is everyone else! I can’t wait to get my copy and have you sign it. Have a wonderful weekend at Crime Bake!

  2. […] ways, it was even more thrilling. “Her Wish” had a long journey toward publication. And it remembers my friend Regina, who came to that first Crime Bake with me and would have been thrilled to see me signing this past […]

  3. […] I know. The short story I won Honorable Mention for when I met Barb? It was inspired by Regina (long story). As a fundamentally shy person who goes through life faking it, I am amazed by Edith and her energy […]

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