In Praise of a Handsome Man

This could be a multi-part blog series. And it has nothing to do with the People issue that just came out, though Bradley Cooper was a nice choice. Instead, it has to do with the theater weekend I just had in New York. I saw three shows, all of which featured handsome men. Paul Gross in Private Lives, Alan Rickman in Seminar and Hugh Jackman in Hugh Jackman Back on Broadway. My focus for this post is Hugh Jackman.

I have seen him in the movies. And I have watched him host the Tonys. But I had never seen him live. And while I was prepared to enjoy the show, I was not prepared for how enormously talented Hugh Jackman is. He is charming and charismatic and has a nice singing voice. But it is the dancing that got to me.

I love old movie musicals, with a very special place in my heart for Fred Astaire, with Gene Kelley coming in a close second. I love their easy way of telling a story through dance, and layering romance with athleticism. Hugh Jackman is that kind of dancer. Lovely, at ease and really, really good. Truly a talent that may have been better served in another era, when he could have made some movie musicals a la Gene Kelley (or Fred Astaire). Wolverine the Musical? I don’t think so. But maybe take his Wolverine cache and make a big old fashioned musical with production numbers? A girl can dream.

Hats off to Hugh Jackman. You surprised me.

Surfing over the Bucket

I have professional goals for my role as ED of a non-profit, and as a teacher. And writing goals, both for content and publication. And I have blogging goals (like doing it regularly).

And I have my bucket list. Now the bucket list are both goals unto themselves, and they require many steps that are goals unto themselves. For example, there’s surfing.

My BFF from high school had this on her bucket list, and I’ve added it to mine. We both have August birthdays, and thought it would be a good time frame for crossing this goal off the list. But the steps leading up to it include:

  • Getting in really good shape. One is because core work is necessary. Two, because there will be photos of me in a wet suit.
  • Figure out the best way to do this. TLS had found Surf Diva camps, and that seems to work.
  • Practice the jumping up part. You know the look–from stomach paddling to jumping up and standing. Right now I would need help with that, as I am not very nimble. Yoga will help, right?

Nine months away. TLS and I–Surfing USA. Should make for some interesting posts…

Crime Bake 2011

Just back from Crime Bake, and feeling inspired. Exhasusted, but inspired. It was my 9th Crime Bake (out of 10 total). They had a slide show from previous Crime Bakes, and I could see myself aging, and changing, throughout. Here are some of my take aways from this weekend:

  • Even though I am still working on getting the same book published/agented, the book itself has transformed thanks to many critiques. A number of those critiques came as a result of Crime Bake.
  • Being part of a signing (for DEAD CALM, Level Best Books‘ new anthology) was as thrilling as it was last year. In some ways, it was even more thrilling. “Her Wish” had a long journey toward publication. And it remembers my friend Regina, who came to that first Crime Bake with me and would have been thrilled to see me signing this past weekend.
  • Community is all. Most of the joy of Crime Bake is being with other writers. We are inspired by panels, supported by networking and pushed by opportunities to connect with agents, editors and masters of the craft. Both Sisters in Crime New England and Mystery Writers of America are great organizations that help promote that community.
  • The business is changing. But no matter what, there are writers who dream of getting their book published (myself included). Going to conferences like Crime Bake help step up your game.
  • We had a great social media panel on Friday that lead to many conversations throughout the weekend. One of the panelists said that blogs were dead. I disagree, but can’t really contribute to the conversation while I let this blog be so quiet. So short essays here, and on NHWN on a regular basis.